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Each research panel provides its own dashboard where you can keep track of your complete surveys and monthly rewards. Rewards vary depending on a type of survey panel available in a given week. The more you do, the more you earn!

What are Online Surveys?

Online Surveys are not new to the Internet community. For many years, thousands of companies and non-profit organisations have been gathering valuable market information by means of online surveys in different parts of the world, including South Africa. You may ask: “why is this information so valuable?” Well, as a start, whenever a new company launches a new product, it first attempts to understand a particular market by learning more about its consumers and offering the best product that meets everybody’s need. Another example is non-profit organisations which may seek to better understand a particular demographic group in a given region.
Again, this is not new and the Internet has only allowed it to be a much easier and more efficient process when collecting data from the general population. As we all understand, no company would expect consumers to answer online surveys for free, since it is your time and the time is money!
In return, online survey panels offer various perks, anything from points that can be turned into real cash to local vouchers and discounts on various products. In the end, everyone is a winner. You get an opportunity to earn money by simply answering online surveys and organisations get their sought-after information. It is important to note that in this whole process honesty is key! And this is why Survey Now exists. Here you can get access to best survey panels and begin your journey to make money online!

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